Tuesday, November 4, 2014

This is me- Learning to love myself Grade one or two, we were in the gym, I was alone standing by a wall. A few of my classmates come over, line up against the wall beside me and start playing the "Who love who game" they shout if you don't love Elizabeth run from the wall No one stood against the wall, but that is not what worries me the worst part is /was that neither did I. This memory follows me all my life and now I begin to realize I have never truly loved myself I have never accepted my self for what/who I am. I've spent all my life ashamed for who I am apologizing for who I am, feeling I am not good enough, not normal like everyone else, especially not like everyone else... Thirty five years later I am still in that gym running from the wall not loving myself,I can see now that this is my Journey, Journey to loving myself , to accepting myself. Love you Elizabeth.